3 Month Mining Contract



  Click here: To use Coinbase.com to Pay With Bitcoin or a USD Bank Account.     BTCmin33 

     To Get Started Now, It’s Easy to buy. Click Add to Cart Here how33 1) You first need a Bitcoin Wallet Address  [ Blockchain.info or Coinbase.Com in order to get paid in BTC btc221 Wallet Address will be a string of characters like thislink33 2) You need an email address confirmed for your 1st payment confirmation, after you get a BTC Wallet at Blockchain.info imagesCAPUC63Y Then you email US Your  new BTC WALLET ADDRESS to us  so we can PAY You bi-weekly btc from the mining pool. We prefer you use BLOCKCHAIN.Info, (but we can use Coinbase.com etc, and your new Address look similar to what is below) Email Envelope on White backgroundlink33yours will be different 3) Now you order a contract, and pay via your choice of payment method below; Your 3 mo. contract rents you a proportion of the mining computers and technology. 2 weeks later you will receive a BTC payment, then again each 2 weeks until your 12 weeks contract term elapses and expires. After that you can re-order manually or you can cancel. There is no guarantee of how many coins will be mined, but we limit your risk to your contract price and our risk by limiting the number you can buy at this time (3 is the limit), we diversify across global regions, chips, mining technologies and mining strategies. Your payments arrive automatically, bi-weekly for the term of your contract. Its simple, easy, and it works! 123w4w3123 Follow these steps to start mining bitcoins the easy way. Or Scroll Down to How To Get Started.  shop1


shopify7 We offer just 1 product, Introductory price: $49/ for 3 months on SHOPIFY. 3mo8                   For Gift Certificates email us with SUBJECT LINE “GIFT CERTIFICATE“.   49UUU   WE WILL INVOICE YOU, So esend email to Sales@Tullii.Com    PAYMENT OPTIONS 1: Pay With Bitcoin or $USD via CoinBase.com

Pay with BTC if you already have Bitcoins: Link to BitPay to pay in BTC




PAYMENT OPTIONS 2: PAYPAL USERS YOU MUST email us “Sign a 3 Month Contract ” and agree to our Waiver. You cannot obtain a refund using paypal, if you use a credit card or echeck you are limited to 3 contracts and they don’t start until you sign the waiver. Email us first if you plan to use paypal, we will invoice you by email, you will agree to terms, you will pay for order, and we will confirm your order.

USE Buy Now Paypal Button to Order in USD on Paypal Only




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Product name: TERRA_HASH 3

 To Get Started Now, It’s Easy to buy. Click Add to Cart Here


At bitcoinminingcontract.com, Buying a mining contract takes care of all this for you.

 You earn a share of mined coins, each 2 weeks for a 3 Month term

and 1 time $49 fee.

We offer a low cost way to get you started quickly.

It’s that simple.

You can Renew, or Cancel anytime, (cancel by letting contract expire after 3 months time.)


If you are ready, choose your preferred PAYMENT METHOD below



Its Simple, Safe, Fast You will soon be earning partial coins every 2 weeks!

crt5 Paypal in USD or CDN



Pay By USD via Paypal manually click button here

Pay by BTC: Blockchain.info

btc-33Use Bitcoin Wallet

Pay by USD: Paypal.com Visa MC Amex EFT (Pay $49 USD) or use cart

payppUSD, other

Pay by CDN: Paypal.com Interac (Pay $49 CDN) or pay below

use reference “BTCmine” in your payment comments section

payppor Pay Below


inter22in CDN only here

Pay NZD, other: Kiwibank Westpac Bank US Banks (Pay $49 USD converted to NZD)

kiwiePay to Our Account in NZ

Need help: Please send us email for exact NZD instructions.


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Bitcoin is an experimental, decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.


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